Quu and Experi Announce Partnership – Radio Ink


Quu and DTS Xperi’s DTS have announced a new partnership that the two companies say will make it easier for radio to display and monetize content in connected cars.

Quu and Xperi are deploying an integrated solution to synchronize scheduling and sales messages on vehicle dashboards. In the past, stations went to Xperi to deploy its RAPID technology, then to Quu for content management, monetization and reporting. From now on, Quu will be a one-stop shop for both.

“Digital audio platforms provide an elegant user experience. Radio must provide a similar experience if we are to remain competitive in the face of an increasing myriad of choices,” said David Santrella, CEO of Salem Media Group and Joint Chairman of NAB’s Board of Directors. “The strategic partnership between Quu and Xperi will make life easier for our industry.”

“We enable radio stations to increase their engagement and revenue in a practical and efficient way while taking the first steps into the future,” said Steve Newberry, CEO of Quu. “This partnership is driven by collaboration, trust and keeping our industry in a position of strength. Our goal is to demystify how and why stations benefit from the “screen printing” of radio. »

“Enabling stations to deliver consistent content to connected cars via DTS AutoStage™ is an important step in future-proofing radio,” said Joe D’Angelo, senior vice president, broadcast at Xperi. “The industry needs a standard approach and Quu is delivering one for the 300 million cars with RDS and 85 million HD Radio equipped vehicles on the road today and configuring radio for the dash tomorrow .”

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