Novak Djokovic finding himself 100% correct has “totally shaken coronabros”


American radio host Clay Travis thinks athletes like Novak Djokovic, Aaron Rodgers and Kyrie Irving have “shaken most of the sports media coronabros”. Djokovic, 35, is missing the US Open because he was denied entry to the United States as an unvaccinated foreigner.

In the NFL, back-to-back league MVP Rodgers has not been vaccinated against COVID-19. In the NBA, Irving refused to be vaccinated and was eventually allowed to play at home in Brooklyn. “Aaron Rodgers playing on the NFL’s vax sidekicks is fantastic.

Rodgers, Kyrie and Djokovic were all slammed by the media for their opinions on the covid snaps and then found themselves 100% correct which totally rocked most sports media coronabros,” Travis tweeted.

Travis praises ‘woke athlete’ Djokovic

Due to his vaccination position, Djokovic has missed two Grand Slam tournaments this season.

Even if Djokovic wants to participate in the biggest Grand Slam tournaments, nothing exceeds his convictions and his principles. Travis applauded Djokovic for sticking to his principles even if it affects his career. “Novak Djokovic gave up a chance at two major tournaments he would have been favored to win due to his refusal to get shot unnecessarily,” Travis said after Djokovic’s withdrawal from the US Open.

“He actually gave up something by standing on principle, something you can’t say about a woke athlete in the last decade. Djokovic would have been the favorite at the Australian Open and he would have been the favorite at the US Open, and at a minimum, it’s likely he won at least one of those tournaments.

And there would have been a good chance, depending on the way he played, that he would win both, which would have made him the greatest tennis player in the history of men’s tennis, and maybe that he could end up with more majors than any man or woman. .

it’s not crazy to think that would end up being the result. Instead, he defended the principle of advantage.”


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